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Dean Clifford
I don't know if you have heard/watched Dean Clifford yet, very new but this guy will blow you away I absolutely guarantee it. Please have a browse through his videos, basically he cuts through a lot of the "guru" BS like a hot knife through butter, and gives the REAL (firsthand experience) straight goods on who we are, who/what the government is, and the true nature of our relationship. I literally didn't sleep for days after seeing this.


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Lifting the Veil with Cari-Lee  Audio Interview (adult language)                 01:51:54

The Crown & The Court System with Ben Lowrey   Audio Interview     01:15:16
Angela's Talkshoe Calls

Continuing Education Q&A  August 18th 2011 Episode 122        04:06:00
Continuing Education Q&A November 3rd 2011 Episode 133      04:34:05
Continuing Education Q&A December 29th 2011 Episode 141           02:39:43
Continuing Education Q&A March 15th 2012 Episode 152   03:01:29
*Wayne Stump Letter mentioned on Episode 152
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