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New Call For West Memphis Police Chief & NAACP Head To Resign
Critics Say Chief Paudert Has Shown A Pattern of Hypocracy[sic] and Racism

Alex Coleman

6:20 PM CDT, May 6, 2010


   * Group Calls For Chief Bob Paudert To Resign
   * They Say Paudert Has Shown A Pattern Of Racism
   * Critics Also Want Their Local NAACP President To Stepdown

(West Memphis, AR 5/6/2010) There are new calls for the West Memphis Police Chief
and the local president of the West Memphis NAACP to resign.

This follows the recent arrest of City Council Member Marco McClendon on domestic
violence charges involving his girlfriend.

At least two city council members, a member of the NAACP, and others held a news conference at city hall criticizing Chief Bob Paudert and the local president of the NAACP.

Lawrence Brown is a member of the West Memphis NAACP.

He says Paudert has not been fair to the African American community.

Brown said, "Chief Bob Paudert is a racist. His behavior toward the black community is despicable and his officers have acted with neglect and brutal policing and I think he needs to go immediately."

Paudert says he's not a hypocrite and he's not a racist, and that he has no plans to resign.

He also says his working relationship with the NAACP president has angered a few NAACP members in West Memphis, "It's not the entire organization, not the president of the NAACP. I have met several times. We are going to work together. Those don't see that and they don't like her working with me."

West Memphis Mayor William Johnson was confronted by Paudert's critics at City Hall.

Johnson defended the mayor, "The police chief has broken no law, no city ordinance, no police department policy. Up until he does, he has my complete support."

Critics of the police chief also accuse Paudert of showing a double standard for Officer D.J. Oclaire when he was arrested on for domestic battery charge similar to McClendon's.

Paudert says the officer was disciplined and punished.
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16 days before the shooting, the good people of West Memphis, Arkansas were calling for the resignation of Police Chief Paudert. Maybe someone had it in for this guy and took out his son and nephew as a payback and set up Jerry and Joe to take the blame. Where is the patrol car audio and video? All we have is what the media is telling us. No factual witnesses or anything! We demand to see the patrol car videos, hear the police audio and we also want to see what was captured on the traffic cams!