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Dan's Facebook
Dan's Facebook
My signed form given to me when I 
requested the SS number not be 
used anymore.
Constructive Notice of Demand 
for Direct Challenge to Personal Authority
Affidavit in Fact and Exhibits
Audio Call to the DTC
American nightmare
Article 5 Takings claim
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Bogerts Trust Law
Answer  (goes w/ Affidavit of Trust)
Dan's Case #1:07-CR-00094 RJ
is in the West Michigan Southern District
Federal Court records office
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What facts do you have to support your legal conclusion?
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Justified Extortion
A Memoir of Dan Benham

When a government competes corporately / financially with those represented, how can the result end in favor of the represented? Why corporate powers are protected to no end by the American government while the rights of the people diminish, little by little. Get your copy of Justified Extortion today to find some of the reasons!                  
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Video : Banks and Banking
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