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Dan's Facebook
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Video  : Banks & Banking (click on the image)
Educational Package

Audio Banking Part 1  0:47:16
Audio Banking Part 2  1:08:59
Audio Banking Part 3  1:03:10

(The ABC's of the UCC)
The UCC and You pdf
Audio UCC Part 1       1:14:55
Audio UCC Part 2       0:46:24
Audio UCC Part 3       1:02:40
What facts do you have to support your legal conclusion?
Historical Resource
Contracts and Jurisdiction
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Intro to Land Grants
Audio Seminar
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Administrative Procedures
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Audio | Episode 275 | July 24, 2014

I will discuss both legal and theory as well as do's and don'ts of court.

I will cover basic document layouts and contents. including what not to put in them and why.

I will try to touch on other theories and why not to mix some with others and most important how to move a court.

This should not take long, howeveer, I would like to spend alot of time on Q&A as this is usually the case.

I believe so many loose great arguments because of the above and hope to help many get a better chance in courts by themselves.

* Revised  10/22/14
Items mentioned on our call October 23rd | Episode 289

Evidenciary Hearing Request


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